About Mr. Griffin

Wm R. Griffin, President of Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc., Seattle, Washington, started his first business at age 8 in his home town of Madison, South Dakota. He would rummage through alley trash cans for items he could resell to his schoolmates. Much to the embarrassment of his parents and outrage of his teachers, young Griffin was generating $3 to $5 a week providing a service to others.

At 10 years of age, he was riding his rebuilt bicycle up and down the country roads selling garden seeds to local farmers. At a profit of 5 cents per pack he would earn over $200 during the summer months. Although his academic career suffered to the point of being labeled the school dummy, young Griffin was learning other things while people laughed.

In fact he got kicked out of so many classes that he spent most of his time in the principal's office and in the school hallways. Finally one of the custodians put him to work helping sweep and mop the floors around the school. This early exposure to cleaning was a lot more interesting to Griffin than any class, but the school principal wouldn't allow Griffin to forego his classes for this impromptu apprenticeship. He told our young entrepreneur there wasn't room for both of them at the same school. Thus Griffin's academic career came to an abrupt end at age 16. Not discouraged by this twist of fate, he left for the glory of California the same day.

In 1973, Bill Griffin formed Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc., to market the Comprehensive Custodial Training Manual, a 300-page book he'd written on the technical aspects of cleaning. Since that time, he was written many other cleaning related books and also publishes Cleaning Business Magazine for self-employed professional cleaners.

Having taught cleaning, maintenance and management subjects at South Seattle Community College, Lake Washington Voc Tech, Renton Voc Tech and The Washington Institute of Applied Technology, Griffin now stays busy conducting privately sponsored seminars for equipment manufacturers, suppliers and industry trade associations. He also writes articles for trade publications and provides consulting services to small business owners, large corporations, property management firms, hospitals, schools and organizations with specialized cleaning needs.

Having started with nothing more than a dream, a goal and a strong desire to succeed, Griffin sells his janitorial books to professional cleaners around the world. How to Start and Operate a Successful Service Business was written to help those who wish to help themselves. This 300-page manual covers supervision and management subjects, as well as taking a look at over 20 different service businesses that you can start with limited capital.

Griffin's opinion is that if he can do it, anybody can - if they are willing to work at it long enough and hard enough. If you're the type of individual who thrives on challenge and are willing to work for what you get, How to Start and Operate a Successful Service Business was written just for you.

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